Pomegranate noir goat's milk soap - Bain & Savon

Pomegranate noir goat's milk soap - Bain & Savon
This Product is suitable for all ages and all skin types.

Handmade in the UK by Bain & Savon this soap can   be used as a hand soap, face soap or bath soap. This is a luxury soap bar with the fragrance of Pomegranate Noir, plus Raspberry, Plum, Pink Pepper & Casablance Lily.

Ingredients: Fresh goat's milk, Sodium Olivate, Sodium cocoate, Fragrance, *benzyl benzoate, *citral, *citronellol, *geraniol, *hydroxycitronellal, *limonene, *occurs naturally.

No parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, preservatives or colourants. Vegan friendly, never tested on animals. The only thing its tested on is family and friends and ME.. Who love it when I make new products.

approx 100g
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