Kelham calmer face mask & polishing grains

Kelham calmer face mask & polishing grains

This face mask/exfoliating grains, from the Sheffield Skincare Company, has been lovingly created by hand to provide an extra special treat for the skin, Pink Australian Clay is very gentle helping to clean the skin by gently drawing out impurities while being soothing to sensitive skin.  Oats help to sooth sore or flaky skin while providing gentle exfoliation. Chamomile, Calendula and Elder flowers calm sore and chapped skin, can help to ease eczema and sooth irritated itchy skin with their anti inflammatory action.

Ingredients: Pink Australian clay, Ground oats, kaolin clay, Ground Chamomile flowers, Ground Calendula flowers, Ground Elder flowers.


Directions: Take two level teaspoons of the face mask powder and place in to a small pot for mixing. Now mix with either two to three teaspoons of water or (you can be imaginatve here) use honey, yogurt, mashed fruit or add some of our toner to create a thick paste.  Add more powder or liquid till you get the right consistancy. Apply to clean moist face avoiding delicate eye area, leave to dry for 10—15 minutes wash off with warm water or use a face cloth. Use once a week as part of a regualr skin care routine.

To use as exfoliating grains simply splash water on to the face, add a little powder in your hand and work in small circles all over the face to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and clear.

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